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Wesley's Eagle Project

 Wesley's Eagle Project - I am building two mobile activity/art carts for St. John's Women and Children's Shelter in Sacramento.  Click to
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April 30, 2014 Court of Honor

Come and see all the hard work and accomplishments of our Scouts.

All Scouts, their families and friends are welcome.  Please sign up on Volunteer Spot Sign up link and enter what food dish you will be bringing.

Please sign up by the 22rd of April.


Colin M. Eagle Project

Here is an opportunity to support Scouting and have a Great meal.  Colin is trying to be prepared by starting his Fundraising for his Eagle Project. Please print a flier and come out and support Colin on May 6th between 4-9pm at BJ's Resturant.

Click here to print my flier

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June - Wente - Summer Camp Parent Meeting

This Wednesday 4/16, we are scheduled to meet for the Camp Wente Parent meeting. Unfortunately, many parents may not make it due to Spring Break. That being said we still have a few things to accomplish: finalizing merit badge class sign-ups and t-shirt orders. So, the meeting this week will focus on those two things only.

The next Camp Wente Parent Meeting will review packing information, summer camp tips, and other pertinent information for summer camp. That meeting is scheduled for both parents and scouts on Tuesday, April 29th at the Round Table on Woodcreek Oaks (Safeway shopping center) from 7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.

After our weekend visit to Camp Wente, both Roger and I with the help of Holden E. (SPL) and Kyle G. (ASPL) tentatively scheduled your scout's merit badge class schedule. Please review it and make sure it is exactly what your scout wants to do. We paid close attention to their desires and location of the merit badge classes. Some classes are further away than we anticipated and require a break afterwards to be able to make it to the next class without being very late. There were also about 7 merit badge classes that were not available this year (Bugling, Insect Study, Mammal Study, Nature, Pulp & Paper, Sculpture, and Soil & Water Conservation) and another 7 (Backpacking, Bird Study, Chemistry, Energy, Fire Safety, Fish & Wildlife Management, Music, Plant Science, and Pottery) that were added. You may also have a hole in your scout's schedule due to the fact that your scout's requested MB classes were not offered during that time. Please feel free to look at the schedule attached to add a MB class.

If you would like to make additions/changes to their MB schedule, please use the attached class schedule to make those changes. On Thursday, I will schedule your scout's merit badge classes online and it is a first come, first serve basis. So, it is super important to finalize your scout's schedule with Mr. Martin and I on Wednesday night at our meeting. We will also need your scout's birthdate, so bring that with you as well to the meeting. If you are unable to make the meeting, please respond to this email stating that you are satisfied with their tentative schedule or include the changes you would like to make and include your scout's birthdate. If I don't hear from you or see you on Wednesday, I will not schedule your scout's merit badge classes, which could decrease your scout's chances of getting the MB classes he wants.

We will also need you to bring t-shirt order and money on Wednesday along with merit badge class fees. When I register your scout for their MB classes, I have to pay for the class fee at the same time. I won't be able to register your scout without paying for the class fee. So, please bring that money with you. You can check the bottom of this email for that amount underneath your scout's MB class schedule. You are more than welcome to use your scout account to pay for your scout's MB class fee.




July Summer Camp - Camp Chawanakee 2014

We still have a summer camp available for the new Scouts.

July Summer Camp is at Camp Chawanakee  July 13 – 19, 2014 

Check out the "Events" tab for more details and a slide show...

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4/16  Troop Mt & Crew
    Starting 6:45pm
4/16  Parent Meeting
   for Summer Camp
4/23  Troop Mtg
   Starting 6:45pm
4/26  Eagle Proj. Wk day
   Wesley L. Proj.
4/29 Parent Meeting 
   Rnd Tbl Pizza
4/30  Court of Honor 
   Starting 6:45pm
5/02  Camp O ree
   Folsom Lake
 Swim Check
   1st Class Req. 

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Lost & Found

If you have lost or found something at a troop meeting or an outing, check-out the Lost & Found box in the Foyer at the next Troop Meeting.


The Latest Musings of the Troop Scribe

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Honor Patrol

Fall 2013 Honor Patrol:  the Flaming Stickpeople

Spring 2013    Honor Patrol: the Carnivorous Watermelon Patrol

Honor Patrol Standings

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